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Discover the flexibility and convenience of Begetis Boats, designed to meet you wherever you are. We bring our boats directly to your preferred location, be it Kalogria Beach, Stoupa, Kardamyli, Agios Nikolaos, Neo Oitilo anywhere else you desire. This personalised service eliminates the need for transportation logistics on your part, allowing you to focus on your adventure. Moreover, it grants you the freedom to start your sea voyage from a location that suits your itinerary best. We are just a call away, ready to provide a seamless, tailored boating experience that begins at your doorstep. Experience the convenience of Begetis Boats and start your sea adventure with ease and comfort!

Boat Hire Stoupa

Set sail in the beautiful waters of Stoupa with our flexible, personalized boat hire services, making your sea adventures a breeze.

Embark on an unforgettable sea voyage from the charming town of Kardamyli, with our tailored boat hire services designed for your utmost convenience.

Experience the tranquility of Agios Nikolaos’s seascape with our hassle-free boat hire, turning your maritime dreams into reality.

Begin your sea adventure from the picturesque Neo Itilo with our easy-to-access boat hire, ensuring a seamless start to your journey.

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At Begetis Boats, we provide license-free boat hire, prioritizing safety and comfort while enriching your sea adventures with complimentary extras.

Licence-Free Boat Hire

We offer a seamless, licence-free boat hire service, making sea adventures accessible to everyone.

Safety-Centric Voyages

Sail securely with our robust safety protocols, cutting-edge tracking, and a lifeguard-trained team.

Comfort & Extras

Revel in luxurious onboard amenities and complimentary extras designed for your ultimate comfort at sea.

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Embrace the sea’s call and start planning your unforgettable adventure today with Begetis Boats – where your journey of discovery begins with a simple click.

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Experienced & Dedicated to Your Safety

When you choose Begetis Boats, you’re choosing a legacy of maritime excellence, personalized service, superior safety measures, luxurious comfort, and a commitment to crafting sea adventures that are as unforgettable as they are enjoyable. Start your journey with us, where every voyage is a masterpiece.

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Safety Features

Choosing Begetis Boats means stepping into a world of maritime excellence. Our legacy, coupled with a dedication to personal service, ensures a journey unlike any other. Here, superior safety measures and luxurious comforts blend seamlessly to create unforgettable sea adventures. With Begetis Boats, every voyage is a beautifully crafted masterpiece, waiting for you to embark on.

Expert Team

Benefit from the wealth of maritime knowledge and safety expertise of our experienced team, trained extensively in lifeguarding and first aid.

Real-Time Tracking

Enjoy your journey with peace of mind, as our real-time GPS tracking system monitors your location for added safety on the open sea.

Essential Equipment

Rest assured with our provision of essential safety gear, including adult and child life jackets, and emergency pyrotechnic equipment.


What Our Clients Say

Discover the Begetis Boats experience through the words of our delighted customers. Their stories of memorable sea adventures bear testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and exceptional service.

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Our family boat trip was unforgettable, thanks to Begetis Boats

Maria Vasiliou

Vasilis and the team at Begetis Boats made my sailing experience comfortable and utterly delightful

Yiannis Georgiou

I was impressed by the safety measures and professional service at Begetis Boats.

Eleni Nikolaou

Vagelis and his team at Begetis Boats enhanced our holiday with their outstanding boating service.

Kostas Papadakis

With Begetis Boats, our sea adventure was nothing short of exceptional.

Anastasia Theodorou

I highly recommend Begetis Boats for a wonderful and safe journey at sea.